September 17, 2014

Wholesale Voice A-Z Termination

Wholesale Voice A-Z Global Carrier Services

StarSSip maintains wholesale voice termination agreements with many major Tier 1 and Tier 2 carriers around the world.

StarSSip Global Carrier Service handles a myriad of different voice products for different customers. From Tier-1 retail telcos such as mobile and fixed line providers where premium quality is the main concern to wholesale and budget service providers where low aggressive price with useable quality is more desired, StarSSip customises our offerings to you so that it fits into your business objectives.

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We are offering the following types of wholesale route products plus even more depending on your requirement:-


  1. White CLI routes

Fits the requirements for operators whose subscribers need the highest voice quality with CLIPs display with proven ASR and ACD.


  1. TDM Premium routes

Ideal for operators whose subscribers expect good voice quality at competitive prices with stable performance.


  1. Wholesale standard NON CLI routes

Designed for wholesale partners who request for competitive rates in wholesale voice industry


It is our mission to ensure and deliver the best quality to our partners and customers with High ASR and ACD for the desired service levels.

Talk to our sales team today! or email us at sales (at) StarSSip (dot) com


Pls find out our standard offer rates below:–>>

Download Wholesale FULL NON-CLI Rate now : CLICK HERE

Download Wholesale FULL CLI Rate now : CLICK HERE

Download Wholesale FULL TDM Rate now : CLICK HERE

* Note: Mexico Billing Increment is 60/60 and Gambia Billing Increment is 60/1 *

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Getting started VoIP Termination Business with StarSSip!

Learn how to route VoIP calls with StarSip and start own Wholesale VoIP termination business following the steps:

Leverage our powerful partnership with tier-1 telecom providers to cut back on communication costs, big time.

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  1. White CLI: 99900
  2. TDM Premium: 99901
  3. Standard NON CLI: 99902

Dialing format:

  1. 99900+E.164 for White CLI routing plan
  2. 99901+E.164 for TDM Premium one
  3. 99902+E.164 for Standard NON CLI one.

Examples: For a call to UK through:

  1. White CLI you have to dial 9990044xxxxxxx
  2. TDM Premium you have to dial 9990144xxxxxxx
  3. Standard NON CLI you have to dial 9990244xxxxxxx

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