July 3, 2015


What is S-Mobile?

We know it’s convenient to have two phone numbers. That’s why StarSSip Mobile has been so popular with Android users. Never miss a call and always make a call with Tri-mode calling that automatically switches to Wi-Fi, 3G/4G, or Cellular. Every Android user must have this application.

It’s worth it to have the extra number and be able to send text messages and calls over Wi-Fi at home, on airplanes, on trains, and more.

Distinction between StarSSip Mobile and Android calls
Make calls when voice network is not reliable

Two phone lines on one iPhone
With StarSSip Mobile on your Android, you can make and receive phone calls with crystal clear sound quality for FREE or at super low rates. StarSSip Mobile is easy to download and use. You can call over 3G* or WiFi, and keep StarSSip Mobile running in the background.


Key Features of S-Mobile

  • Call logs.
  • Favorites.
  • SMS feature.
  • Loudspeaker.
  • Balance information.
  • Call cost information.
  • Conversation recording.
  • Voice-Mail functionality.
  • Callback and Call-through.
  • FREE call to all US Toll Free line.
  • Integrated contacts from the phone.
  • Connectivity through WiFi / 3G / EDGE.
  • FREE Audio and Video calls with Crystal Clear Voice Quality.

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S-Mobile also available in Android, iOS, Web and PC.

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