September 22, 2014

Reseller Benefits

StarSSip Partner Program: Reseller Agent (RA) Program.

StarSSip Partner Program

TEAM UP with StarSSip! Receive the highest profit and commission in the industry!
Expand your product portfolio and generate new income!

Your Mobile VoIP Business. Our Know-How.

Create Your Own VoIP Phone Company by Becoming a StarSSip Wholesale Agents or Resellers Agent Program
All the tools you need too manage your VoIP Business.

The StarSSip Partnership Program allows experienced telecommunication sales professionals to benefits from StarSSip technology infrastructure and capitalize on over 15 years of research, development, and capital investment.
On top of that, you can custom brand your own front end website and billing system so you can price your plans and bundles the way that is best suitable for your market of customers.

Working with StarSSip, you can offer companies of all sizes an industry-leading portfolio of innovative, scalable technology solutions.
Partnership Benefits as StarSSip Reseller Agent Program with Bonus Commission:

  • Fast to market and no investment in Hardware and software. No Capex!
  • Cost effective direct routes.
  • Premium quality calling and competitive termination rates.
  • 2 Wholesale rate plans are available: Standard and Premium.
  • User freindly interface and reporting.
  • Access to H.323 and SIP Protocols compatible platform.
  • 24/7 Technical Support (E-mail, IM and Phone).
  • Easy to start by just focus on sales and marketing.
  • You can create or generate own retail users by provide our enum# in virtual pin or plastics card to your clients.
  • All Mobile dialer download (Can install in many mobile versions and can use in middle east countries).
  • Master Reseller system : you can also appoint reseller under your company.
  • CallBack and local access number for Malaysia and Hong Kong.
  • International Roaming system using callforwarding: already inside the member module.
  • StarSSip Low Rate Mobile VoIP Reseller Plan for International Market:
USD Percent Amount Need To Pay (USD)
100 5% 95
300 10% 270
500 15% 425
1000 20% 800
3000 30% 2100
10000 40% 6000
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