June 17, 2013

About Us

StarSSip Limited is an international voice service provider and advanced mobile communications applications developer with registered office in Hong Kong and Malaysia with its operational office in Malaysia and Hong Kong.

StarSSip was established in 2013 and got the OFCA license in 2014. We have inter-connected with more than 200 Tier 1 and Tier 2 telecom wholesale partners all over the world.

Our Principal activity :

  1. StarSSip is a mobile VoIP service provider that provide wholesale and retail VoIP services.
  2. White Label Mobile VoIP solution with softswitch, billing, and mobile apps.
  3. Global DIDs phone number wholesale

Our partner base ranges from major telco, major carriers, mobile network operators, private route operators, calling card operators, resellers and ISP’s whom benefit from competitive rates and an individual approach.

With partners and associates all across the globe, StarSSip offers long distance, VoIP Voice services to carriers, CLECs(competitive local exchange carriers), resellers, ISPs(internet service providers) and businesses.

We understand the requirement for competitive disruption in International marketplace. We are providing innovative ways to connect to multiple parties in a flexible, cost effective ways via high capacity of our wholesale telecom softswitch with PoPs at Hong Kong, Japan, USA,, Germany and Malaysia.
We are terminating calls into International Gateway Carriers, local PSTN, and GSM networks. We support both traditional TDM (SS7 and PRI) and packet based (ITU H.323 and SIP) interconnects.

To start interconnecting with StarSSip is very easy and hassle free. A huge multi-national carrier or a small calling card provider will be satisfied with the prices and quality of service that StarSSip offers.

StarSSip Matras :

Empowering & Democratize Telecommunications

Our Mission :

  • Empowering values of telecommunications with best wholesale routes and mobile VoIP applications!
  • We believe in the power of partnership and community.
  • We can influence and empower one another.
  • We can do more and push our world forward!


Our Vision :

StarSSip is to become the leader and one of the largest mobile telecommunications company in the world.

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